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School Workshops and Clothing Drives

In an effort to promote environmental education and awareness of various social causes and charitable efforts, Clothing Connect conducts workshops and organizes clothing drives at primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges across Canada.

Our workshops are free of charge and they’re designed to help students identify the causes of environmental degradation, the role the clothing industry plays in harming our natural resources, and what can be done to prevent and remedy the situation.

Conducted in both the public and private school board systems, our workshops are geared for audiences of all sized and ages.

In concert with our workshops, each participating school conducts clothing drives with proceeds going to support worthwhile causes. We will help ensure that your clothing drive campaign meets its targeted goals and look forward to involving and empowering student leaders to pay it forward.

Following the successful completion of your clothing drive, students receive certificates of merit and schools get a plaque recognizing their continued support of our efforts.

To book a workshop and a clothing drive, please contact us directly to schedule an in-person meeting.