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How We Help The Environment | Clothing Connect
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How We Help The Environment

Guided by the need to limit our carbon footprint, reduce unnecessary waste, and to be ecologically responsible, Clothing Connect puts landfills on a steady diet by diverting unnecessary clothing waste from the dump sites.

As stewards of this world, we are obligated to protect our communities and to preserve their precious resources to ensure long term sustainability that benefits future generations down the line.

Each year, Canadians throw away close to 60 pounds of usable clothes; that’s over 2 billion pounds that our landfills must absorb on an annual basis. To put this into perspective, recycling just two million tonnes of clothes is the equivalent impact of removing one million cars from our roads.

Our dwindling landfills can ill-afford to allocate any more space for textile waste that comes in the form of discarded shoes and clothing. By reducing, recycling, and reusing, we are paving the way for a greener environment. According to Ontario’s Environmental Registry, recycling uses less energy, produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and has less environmental impacts than extracting raw materials. Recycled materials have tremendous value and potential to create investment opportunities and new green jobs, here and abroad, but we are sending those opportunities directly to the dumps.

Sending our clothing waste for disposal in landfills instead of recycling or reusing it is detrimental to the environment; it wastes resources and costs more in the long term. Incineration of textile waste creates toxic emissions such air pollution, ash, and dangerous gases.

Clothing Connect is a proud partner in Canada’s efforts to improve and strengthen our approach to waste reduction and waste management. Please join our campaign towards a greener and healthier future.