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Host A Clothing Drive

A clothing drive enables individuals to donate their unwanted clothing to help raise necessary funds for a specific cause that they hold close to their hearts. Whether at your private home, workplace, school, place of worship, etc. Clothing Connect will help you to organize, market, and execute your clothing drive to best maximize results.

Simply put: A clothing drive encourage individuals to drop off their unwanted clothing to a designated location, on specific date, with proceeds going to a worthwhile organization.

For business owners and operators: If you’re looking for an opportunity for your employees to work in a team environment to meet specific goals and to help with professional development, a clothing drive is an ideal initiative that at the same time pays it forward.

For teachers and school boards: Educators are keenly aware of the need to cultivate student leaders early on so that they take personal responsibility for their community. Guided by Clothing Connect’s staff and aided with our tailored workshops, clothing drives serve to educate, empower, and inspire students to make a difference for important causes.

For places of worship: Looking for a way to rally your congregants in support of an important cause? Why not your own cause? With proceeds going to support your church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. clothing drives allow you to build your community, harness your member’s support, and procure necessary funds all the while avoiding having to ask your supporters for donations.

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