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Host A Bin

Our bins have curbside appeal: Our orphaned clothing donation bins are looking for good homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Suitable parents would include apartment buildings, schools, places of worship and offices. Please contact us directly if you can help us find a good home for our clothing donation bins.

Accepted hosts enjoy the following benefits while being good corporate citizens:

  • Increase in traffic to your local business
  • Recognized as a “Platinum Patron” of Clothing Connect’s merchant efforts
  • Help promote sustainable environmental practices
  • Aid efforts in procurement of second-hand clothing to support those in need
  • Provide a convenient location for the community to recycle their clothes
  • Set a positive example for the business community by being good corporate citizens and role models

Our bins are discretely placed and exceptionally well maintained. Clothing Connect ensures that your property is in professional appearance at all times, and will schedule prompt service and routine scheduled pick-ups at no cost.

Please click here to Host a Bin.