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FAQ | Clothing Connect
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Q. Where do the clothes go?

The clothing secured from our collection donation bins, clothing drives, and home pick-ups are sorted and re-distributed depending on their quality and the needs of our community partners. All clothing and textile materials are destined for reusability, rewear, or are recycled with proceeds going to those in need.

Q. What causes do the clothing proceeds go to?

We support numerous important causes in the developing world. For a full list, click here.

Q. Are any of the clothes collected sold?

Our partners sort all of the clothing and decide what can be re-worn and what textiles need to be recycled. Everything in good condition will be re-worn.

Q. Do we take all clothes?

Yes. Even if a shirt is ripped or is stained, it can be re-spun into new clothes.

Q. Why are you a for-profit entity?

Foremost, we are guided by a policy of transparency and accountability. We are proud for-profit recyclers of clothing and textiles. All items collected are allocated to those who require affordable options. Resale of reusable/recyclable clothing aides our efforts to raise awareness of various environmental, social, and health-related causes. As a lean organization dedicated to cost efficiency, our efforts create jobs, spark innovation, divert clothing from landfills, help the environment, all while helping those who rely on affordable clothing options.

Q. What’s the difference between reuse, rewear, and recycled clothing?

It’s the process of reusing items such as clothing, linens, towels, and other materials as second hand clothes, recycled cloths or reprocessed fibres.

  • Reuse: When clothing is not suitable to be worn, they are converted into other usable products, such as cloths and rags
  • Rewear: When clothing is given a second chance at life. Clothing that can be worn again and which is marketed as gently used second-hand clothing
  • Recycling: Clothing that can’t be reused is converted into textile fibres, or is utilized, for example, as insulation materials for the automotive industry

Q. Are there any costs involved?

Our collection services are 100% free of charge.

Q. Does Clothing Connect issue tax receipts for clothing donations?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not consider our efforts as falling under the charitable category; therefore we cannot issue tax receipts. Furthermore, the various charities we work with and alongside also cannot issue tax receipts as it’s difficult to ascertain the fair market value of used clothing donations.

Q. Is there a limit for how much clothes I can donate?

No amount is too little to collect or too big to pick-up. Our dedicated fleet of small, mid-size, and oversized trucks are at your disposal.