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Clothing Connect is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to working with local communities and individuals in support of charities, schools, and non-profit organizations world-wide.

We are Canada’s premier clothing and textile recyclers based in Toronto, Ontario. A proud for-profit organization that enables the public to recycle their unwanted clothing, warn shoes, and used textiles, and in so doing, helps to annually raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various important causes.

Our proprietary and cutting-edge collection efforts directly fund a broad spectrum of locally-based and international charitable efforts. Our work directly benefits organizations that help to stand those less fortunate in high esteem, clothe the homeless, and which raises funds to fight disease, counsel addiction & abuse, and which supports various educational initiatives.

By making it convenient for the community to recycle their used clothing through our home pickup services, clothing drives, and drop-off bins located throughout the city; we positively impact society while providing an additional method of funding for religious, charitable and benevolent organizations.

Our continued efforts also serve to divert hundreds of thousands of tonnes of clothing from landfills, thereby preserving the environment, reducing pollution, and eliminating unnecessary waste.

Clothing Connect is at the forefront in providing relief, enabling support, and empowering individuals to pay it forward and to make a difference for those in need.