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As is commonly said, “Charity begins at the home”. Whether just one bag, 10, or 25 bags, we look forward to coming directly to your house, apartment building, or to your office to pick up your used clothing, shoes, and textiles. Please input the following to schedule a convenient door-to-door pickup

A clothing drive enables individuals to donate their unwanted clothing to help raise necessary funds for a specific cause that they hold close to their hearts. Whether at your private home, workplace, school, place of worship, etc. Clothing Connect will help you to organize, market, and execute your clothing drive to best maximize results.

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Do you work in the clothing, shoe, or textile manufacturing industries? Own a retail or wholesale clothing store? Clothing Connect collects any damaged, torn, and unsellable clothing merchandise with proceeds going to support important charities and causes.

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In an effort to promote environmental education and awareness of various social causes and charitable efforts, Clothing Connect conducts workshops and organizes clothing drives at primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges across Canada.

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Guided by the need to limit our carbon footprint, reduce unnecessary waste, and to be ecologically responsible, Clothing Connect puts landfills on a steady diet by diverting unnecessary clothing waste from the dump sites.

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